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Previous Projects

A small sample of previous work completed before my degree show project

Studio sampling and
Mark Making

My general themes for this project are repetition and perfectionism. This has come about through my research essay which is titled “The use of Flow State and repetitive making to combat perfectionism in artists”. Through my research, I have discovered not only how clearly I align with the perfectionist tendencies I am researching but also the wide array of other reasons artists employ repetition in their work.

The exhibition:

This was a self-organized, fundraised, curated and invigilated exhibition that combined the work of several Textile Art and Artefact student' work. We fundraised through the design, production and sale of prints and t-shirts at an NCAD student fair and rented an exhibition space in Pallas gallery and studio in Dublin, an artist-run non-commercial gallery and studio space.


The work:

..” objects, materials, and places through the action of hands bear witness to the passing of time.” - Richard McVetis


This quote is one that communicates exactly what I aim to achieve in my work currently, going into next year and perhaps even after that. My intention with this project and the work I do in the future is to use mark-making to mark time by filling space and in doing so visually represent time. The artifacts and pieces of textile art themselves are collectively intended to not only create a space but fill a space and demonstrate time spent on their making visually in a very quickly readable way through the marks made.

I'm interested in drawing connections and parallels between what repetitive making does for different artists and their work. It can provide liberation or be oppressive, provide structure, or highlight breaks in structure. It can be a way to subtly rebel or provide order amongst chaos. I intend to figure out why I am drawn to this way of working, is it a way to overcome my perfectionism or indulge it? Is it about curiosity and exploration or self-indulgence and satisfaction, aesthetic reasons or love of the process, neatness and perfection, or inevitable human error? Is it a way to quieten my mind, or a subconscious activity that provides the mental space for me to think through making and hand stitch? 

Common Thread Exhibition

 My goal with this work was to draw parallels between the slow meditative ritualistic quality of repeating marks and the instant gratification provided by social media. Parallels can also be drawn between the effects of both mobile phone addiction and repetitive ritualistic making. The overuse of mobile phones decreases our ability to concentrate, increases impatience, and establishes a pervasive background hum of anxiety. In contrast, the slow process of repetitive mark-making and hand stitching not only requires but improves concentration and patience. The act of repeating not only develops patience and creates a meditative state, but it also directs your attention to the beauty in the banality of the everyday mark, shape, or object. It is not simply a way to fill space but also a lens through which the beauty of repetition in everyday life is noticed and admired. I intend for my work not just to be a means to an end; a way of creating the minimalist art aesthetic that I am compulsively drawn to, but an opportunity to slow down. To appreciate the marks and patterns I see constantly throughout my day and appreciate the simplicity and endless possibilities of mark-making and repetition. 

Research Projects

Extended Research Essay: 
The use of Flow State and repetitive making to combat perfectionism in art (2019)

Essay on Minimalism in Fine Art of the 50s and 60s (2018)

Essay based on my reading of Linda Nochlin's "Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?" (2017) 

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