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Biophilia and the Domestic: Psychoterratic States and how these are expressed consciously and subconsciously in our spaces.

My current work is a response to both our innate hunger for nature and growing detachment from it in domestic spaces, to the detriment of our physiological and emotional wellbeing. Are the plastic plants and artificial wood textures in our homes a halfway point? Are they sacrificing the real thing but needing some tie to it however far removed? Nature interacting with our belongings often suggests the absence of us, but in this work the opposite is true. 

Hand embroidery work and plant life build up covering objects and taking over a corner of my previously stark white bedroom/home studio space. I am not creating fully imagined plans for the future but half built thoughts born of equal parts research and daydreaming, of a time when nature is incorporated into every part of urban living. This project visually documents time spent responding to the siren-like call of nature in my own space, living in an installation that is slowly growing around me as I work from home during a global pandemic.

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